Yomassage® is a fusion of relaxing and supported restorative poses with hands on massage therapy. Each pose is held for 5-8 minutes while a massage therapist performs manual massage on various parts of the body. Classes range from 5-10 people and lasts for 60-90 minutes.

Yomassage® not only allows your body to stretch and relax in restorative/yin positions, but provides soothing and therapeutic touch. 

Mindfulness.  The practice of being in the present moment. Feeling what is happening here and now. We believe the addition of mindfulness increases the benefits of Yomassage® tenfold by allowing the client to be aware of what they are experiencing. We use breathing and other mindfulness techniques throughout the class to help clients stay in the present moment.

Stretch.  The classes revolve around gentle & accessible restorative positions. Each position is held for 5-10 minutes with the use of props (blankets, bolsters, and blocks). Without the distraction of constant movement and muscle engagement, your connective tissues have the opportunity to stretch and release. Stretch activates the same sensory receptors as massage.  We like to think about the stretch component of Yomassage® as a massage for the internal organs and fascial release technique.

Touch.  Touch is an essential part of the human experience. Safe and therapeutic touch can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels, and drive the release of numerous hormones and neuropeptides that have been linked to positive and uplifting emotions.

What to expect:

  • When you enter the Yomassage® class, you will find that your space with all your props has already been set up for you. 
  • Meditation/breathing exercises
  • 5-6 restorative (yin) positions with 1.5-2 minutes of massage for each pose.
  • Ending with a final relaxation.

This class is available for private bookings.

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