Healing Arts are creative ways to promote healing and allow you to cope with personal change.

Why Healing Arts? 

*Relieves tension  *Reduces pain  *Increases range of motion
and flexibility *Boosts energy *Calms nervous system 
*works with PTSD sufferers and talk therapy patients 

I can provide you with Thai Bodywork and Massage sessions.

Call Amber 773-490-9653 


Match Calamity with Serenity. Learn more. Heal more. 

Relax. Release, Restore.

Mind. Body. Soul. 


Yomassage® Join me! I will be providing Mindful Meditation + Restorative Positions + Hands on massage therapy in my Yomassage® class. New meditation theme each month!


Next date

March 27th 2022 Sunday 6:00 pm  Yomassage® at TBD Fitness 

Feb. 10th 2022 Thursday Yomassage® at Anne’s Haven 

Jan. 13th 2022 Thursday Yomassage® at Anne’s Haven- Sign up here:

Nov. 11th 2021 Thursday Yomassage® at Anne’s Haven

Nov. 7th 2021 Sunday Yomassage® for LMT’s only at Intouch and Motion

Oct. 3rd 2021 Sunday 6:00 pm Intouch and Motion Chicago Private event for massage therapist. Contact me for info.

Sept. 30th 2021 Thursday 6:30 pm Anne’s Haven 5629 W Irving Park Rd. Chicago Sign up

Sept. 23rd 2021 Thursday 6:30 pm   Sat Nam Yoga Chicago  Sign up 

Aug. 7th 2021 Saturday 11:00 am Grounded Wellness Center Hoffman Estates, IL Sign up

July 29th 2021 Thursday 6:30 pm  Sat Nam Yoga Chicago Sign up 

 June 26th 2021 Saturday 11:00 am Sat Nam Yoga Chicago

June 9th 2021 Wednesday Noon at  Grounded Wellness Center Hoffman Estates 

May 22nd 2021 Saturday 1:00 pm at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago

May 1st 2021 Saturday 11:00 am at Grounded Wellness Center Hoffman Estates

April 17th 2021 Saturday 1:00 pm at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago  

March 20th Saturday 2:00 pm at Grounded Wellness Center Hoffman Estates

Sat Nam Yoga 1304 W Washington Blvd. Chicago, IL 60607 

 Receive therapeutic touch in a group environment, fully clothed, while relaxing in restorative positions and practicing mindfulness.

Relax the mind. Release tension. Restore balance.

This is an in-person class. Class size is limited.

Masks required. Safety protocols will be followed.

What people have said about Thai Bodywork and Massage with Amber.

“Hey Amber, I noticed an emotional release for the rest of the day after your bodywork session. I also noticed that my motivation increased and anxiety decreased a lot! Thank you so so much!”


“Your energy, communication and pacing throughout the treatment inspired trust & helped me relax into it.

Despite all my experience w/ bodywork, it can be challenging for me due to my PTSD. I almost always get triggered in some way (triggers I have learned to manage). 

However, I was not triggered at all during this treatment, which is notable to me.”


“I feel amazing. I feel like it’s something I should do regularly as I work to regain my health. I’m so grateful.”


Experience Y Healing Arts Today

Inspired by what people say?

Treat yourself to healing and experience a Reiki Session or Thai Bodywork that will bring you into center and clarity.

We are all-inclusive, which welcomes people of all age, race, gender, religion, ethnic background and sexual orientation.