A semi private healing massage clinic.

Often times we feel alone in what we are experiencing. The truth is, you are not alone. Be held in a container of loving kindness, deep warmth and affection for yourself and others when you attend a Yomassage® Therapeutic Massage Clinic with resident healer and licensed massage therapist, Amber Gillogly.  

Step into the serene sanctuary of Sat Nam for 90 minutes of sheer bliss! You’ll be guided on how to open the body gently through a sequence of restorative positions to ease you into a practice of heart opening, resting the mind, and letting others take care of you.  

Hands on massage therapy will be applied individually to assist you in finding greater ease in your body. Leave refreshed and calm, with your balance restored.  

Receiving as a group makes it accessible and affordable. Open to an intimate group (limit 5), fully clothed, masks on, all studio safety protocols will be followed.

 June 26th 2021 11:00 am -12:30 pm. 

 Sat Nam Yoga Chicago

 1340 W Blvd. Washington

 Chicago IL 60607

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