Receive PTSD Treatment with Thai bodywork

PTSD & Thai Bodywork. Does It Work?

When we talk about healing would it be safe to say that our therapists cannot heal us? But instead, offer us a road map to explore how we can discover the tools to heal ourselves?

Why are any of us in therapy? Because we want to feel better. Or at very least stop feeling so bad. But it would be impossible to fix a broken brain with a broken brain. So we are left with the dilemma, how do we work with our professional therapists to be able to heal?

Our therapists’ strive to give us the necessary tools to fix ourselves when we are in need. Our doctors and therapists are not able to follow us around every minute of every day.  But as the saying goes, “No matter where we go, there we are.”

So … here would be another in a series of possible tools to pick up and use in times of need; tools we can use in social situations or when visiting family and loved ones; tools to use in times of anxiety or stress during our workday; tools to pick up and use when old memories scream for and demand our attention.  

Thai Bodywork is an excellent tool to add. 

 It’s nothing new. Dating back over 2500 years ago, Thai Bodywork is a healing modality with its roots in yoga.

The blending of yoga principles makes this bodywork unique to all others.

What sets Thai Bodywork apart from contemporary massage therapy is that it is received on the floor on a soft, cozy mat. The recipient is fully clothed, usually in comfortable attire that one might wear for a yoga class. Since clothes are kept on, the receiver’s body can be freely and easily guided into several deep stretches and yoga-like positions.

It is not necessary to be flexible to do this. This is movement “Beyond your norm”. Your certified Thai Bodywork practitioner has been trained to remain highly aware of your thresholds; attuned to both your verbal and non-verbal responses. Constantly looking for signs of resistance and acceptance. You are in full control.  

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  1. Anxiety relief
  2. Relaxation
  3. Stress Relief
  4. Healing arts massage
  5. Mind Body Spirit Balance

Personalized Treatment 

Your certified Thai bodywork specialist will put together a sequence of moves — based on your levels of comfort. The moves will be designed specifically for your personal needs and areas of stress. The smooth, gentle stretches move you to your edge and tenderly outside of your everyday patterns. The therapy gives an encouraging reminder to your body to let go of routines. Routines built up over days and months and — entire lifetimes.

Subtle changes in your physiology can be obtained with calm, knowledgeable movement and massage. Gentle twists and smooth body bends. Vital stretches to open up the chest and lungs counteract the constant hunching of desk work. Mobilization of body joints free up your range of motion and allow you to remember what your body was capable at another time before. This is available to you over a short period of time in the hands and guidance of a certified professional. This kind and gracious articulation of movement heals the body, calms the mind and rejuvenates the spirit.

Talk to Your Therapist 

Thai bodywork is to be used in conjunction with and under the guidance of your current therapist This is an added tool to further the work you are putting in to talk therapy and healthy choices, not a replacement to the ongoing talk therapy you are employing now.

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Thai bodywork is a complex blend of physical, energetic and spiritual healing. Compressions and stretching are applied to the body with deep listening and awareness.